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Co4Health – Competences for Healthy Building in Construction Professions

Ecological sustainability, energy efficiency and digitalization already play an important role in the construction industry. The topic of ‘healthy’ construction, on the other hand, is still given too little attention.

Co4Health wants to complement training with health-related content: the aim is to integrate competencies on healthy construction into vocational training and to equip future specialists with new skills.

Implementation in: Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands
Duration: 2022-2025
Partner in Berlin:
Bfw Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Transnational partners in:
Finland: Jokilaaksojen koulutuskuntayhtymä
Italy: Scuola Costruzioni Vicenza Andrea Palladio
Poland: Zespol Szkol Budownictwa Nr 1, Politechnika Poznanska
the Netherlands: Stichting CHAIN5

“Healthy building requires not only thorough identification and remediation of pollutants in existing buildings, but also careful selection of low-pollutant materials in new construction. The BGZ project Co4Health has recognized this and wants to integrate competencies for healthy building into vocational training and also equip future skilled workers with new skills.”

bild prof dr ing manuela walsdorf maul 1Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manuela Walsdorf-Maul, Universitiy of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin FB 2