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We spend around 80% of our lives indoors in private or public buildings and are often exposed to pollutants, allergens and a poor indoor climate. Social awareness of the consequences of this is increasing and defines new needs for action for the construction industry.

Healthy construction in harmony with energy and cost efficiency – how does that work? Co4Health demonstrates how knowledge and skills on the complex topic of healthy construction can be taught in a practice-oriented manner.

To this end, the project partners from 5 EU countries are adapting training in construction professions to relevant economic, technological and, at the same time, social developments. They are developing learning scenarios for healthy construction and solutions for integrating new content into training.

This includes topics such as low-emission construction products, pollutants and allergens, life cycles – recycling/disposal, indoor climate, radiant heat, electro smog, but also the consideration of users’ behavioural habits.

The result is a model with design options for the modernization of vocational training in the construction sector that does not neglect craft aspects and basic construction knowledge.