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Co4Health contains work modules that are grouped together thematically and include a variety of tasks and actions:

Labor market requirements, healthy construction competencies, quality assurance.

•analyse current labor market requirements in the construction industry
•create a competence matrix
•develop proposals for quality assurance and documentation of learning outcomes, use of Europass and microcredentials
•develop strategies for long-term cooperation between vocational training and industry, science and research

Learning units on the topic of healthy construction in the VET and advanced training concepts for teachers

•develop learning scenarios on healthy construction
•develop teaching and learning materials for various construction professions and carry out pilot tests
•develop an advanced training concept for teachers as well as exemplary advanced training courses for teachers
•develop a manual for teacher training on healthy construction
•conduct joint learning activities and webinars for project partners and stakeholders

Institution Building in Vocational Education

•develop measures for capacity building, strengthening inclusion and sustainability, and internationalization
•create a manual on capacity building and derive proposals for further development of action plans or school development plans as well as transfer potentials (across countries, sectors and educational areas)
•formulate conclusions and recommendations for the regulatory level